I developed this gift playing backup to the fields of Organic Food!
My foundational interlude...

" Seasonal Vegetable Farming"
I turned the ground perfoming Traditional Techniques.
The aim.. to optimize crops growth.
The quality of the Organic food  " AS FRESH AS IT GETS! "

Fructuous trees. I smelled & picked only the best, from dawn to midi.
My fair return to taste the Wine & indulge in flawless Fruit.

"Live Stock"
I acquired an almost Butchery course.
Innocent me; left with a feeling of disturbed surprice...some of those were my pets.
Nonetheless it was all about the preparation of Fresh Meat for the table.

" Production & Manufacturing"
Pure pressure. Meeting deadlines of the ideal export.

What an affair..to be embraced by the great big blue.
In my net.. Sea Urchins, Cockles, Clams, Lobster, Mussels, Octapus.
Fruit de Mer mmm Delicious!
" A Feast under the Sun"

So I declare " I was born a Chef"
& this is only a small part of the story...
Ultimately I want to share my Passion for Good Food.
With a receptive & discerning audience to such a great extend 
for the reason ..That there is no stronger evidence of enchantment to interfere
with the enjoyment of Good Food, Good wine & Good Company!

Make it a Rendez-Vous!


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